And the winner is…

Seriously, this stuff is delicious.

Pat of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pat had the greatest reason for winning the sheets – she blackmailed me and threatened to expose me as a lunatic. She will be receiving her sheets and a box of Claxton fruitcake next week.

Second place goes to Tracy of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. She entered the most times. She will get a box of Claxton fruitcake all her own as well as a free visit from Santa Joe if she can figure out where he’s appearing in public next. (visit will be on site at that location, some restrictions apply.)

Third place was George of Jacksonville, North Carolina. He will get an all expense paid trip to the commisary at Camp Lejeune (just the trip, not the shopping.) And a box of Claxton fruitcake .

Now, lest you think I’m kidding, this is some seriously good fruitcake. And I really will send them a box. It’s only fair. I ordered 7 pounds of the stuff and I’m giving away 3 of them. I like that ratio.

There will be another contest soon. And, hopefully, a big announcement on Wednesday.

God Bless you all for coming here each day. I really enjoy your company and comments. My thanks to all of you for waiting until I was done grieving over my girl, Maisie, to finish up the contest. My heart just wasn’t in it until some time had passed. You all are wonderful, and your kind words have meant a lot. Thank you all.

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And the winner is… — 3 Comments

  1. I heard a piece about this very place on NPR the other day.

    If I’d understood the rules/you’d have explained the rules more clearly, I would have loved to receive a pound or two of this delightful, delectable dessert-time diversion. As I was ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER, I was led to believe that I was ALREADY ENTERED IN THE CONTEST! I almost feel that there should be a recount or something; but, I will probably just have to make some of my own.

    • Never insult a subscriber. You know where I live. I’ll give you a fruitcake if you promise to be quiet. It will, however, cost you breakfast at Day By Day.