New Hampshire Primary – nah, crowing time! Mozilla Milestone.

Well, I’m going to have to start putting something of value up on this blog now that I’ve finally gotten around to running analytics on it and the visitors.

First, I was wrong about my mommy being the only visitor – over 1000 of you have dropped by and the pace seems to be increasing.  That must mean that I’m doing something right.  Or, mom has told all of her friends and most of them use Mozilla!

Second thing.. I’m going to use more tricks to get people to visit.  Since I despise the thought of being caught doing it, I will limit it to the blatant: cheap and abusively obvious tags and title posts.

Third thing… I promise to do real content.  Yes, there is an essay brewing right now in my feverish little cranium that should stimulate thought. Or, make you question why you came by this joint.

Last item: Thank you.  I am genuinely thrilled to know that people are actually reading this monstrosity!


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