Live blogging MNICE

Discussion in progress

What it looks like from the live blogger's spot.

I’m at the monthly meeting of Christian writers. Tonights topic is blogging.

Goodbye to Amy Lindberg.

Oy. Just got blogging statistics from a member. I’m not even close to the goals an editor has set for numbers.

Discussing how to keep your blog simple.

Comments…there’s a minefield.

Giveaways…don’t get your hopes up for that here, folks.

Various free stuff, fonts and photos, etc.

Dashboards now the topic.

Groups and group blogging up next.

different blogging styles and content up for grabs.

Rss feeds and who you follow.

Hootsuite is up now.

Dave, micro blogs on twitter.

Vlogging… Merits and problems. Mainly a plus if done well.

Linking websites and seo.

Branding and identity for your blog.



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