The ad with the bears and the toilet paper.

Am I the only one deeply disturbed by the latest bear ad for Charmin?

Not only is mom looking for skid marks in junior’s shorts at the range of about 6 inches, but dad evidently has issues as well.

Combine this with the implication, since she’s doing wash and looking for skid marks, that they have appeared naked in every ad? Did you ever see any of them wearing clothing at any point in the series? Do they engage in family nudity? Their hygiene is awful. ON more than one occasion they have toilet paper cling-ons!

I’m not sure that’s a great message to send to people.

Well, wanted to get this blog back on the high road after the political stuff lately. I think I’ve lowered the bar sufficiently. After all, what did you expect from a blog with “bear humor” as a category?

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