A Great Audio Book Release Today

First, my apologies for no fiction last week. I got bogged down in the “day/retirement not a job job” and lost track of time. But, and I promise this, I was being well behaved.

Today it is my pleasure to announce the release of my latest Audio Book from Audible/Amazon: POOPIE SUITS & COWBOY BOOTS.

What?  Well, you have to read the book to get the reference to the title. Better yet, listen to the version I recorded. The “Poopie Suit” is the one-piece mechanics garb we wore on the boats back in my day. Everyone wore it! Comfortable, hid stains, and could be worn for weeks without washing. Maybe that last part wasn’t by choice, but when the washer was broken…

Anywho, it is a great audio book. I worked on it for the last few months and now it’s ready just in time for you to gift it to the veteran/bubblehead/submarine enthusiast in your life. 

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