Nice Timing

No blog last week.  That happens now and again when you’re waiting for someone to get back to you with information. Maybe that one will pop up next week.

In the meantime, an update on the new joint. Reverse Osmosis system in place, water to whole house now tastes good, instead of like a safety match. 

Solar power – – – coming soon. Between supply chain issues related to the Chinese virus, county inspectors, and the blistering heat at midday, we’re still a few weeks out from completion. But so close it is almost tangible.

The yard. It’s so freaking thick and green it is amazing. This time of year is rain on, rain off, every day. No need for sprinklers. My yard guy, Yordany, mows every two weeks, I try to mow in the off weeks. Now, why would a fat old dude want to try to mow this big lot?  I like stripes. Too many years maintaining other people’s turf have ruined me. I like a lawn with stripes. Looks great when I do it, but tough to get out in the window between dry turf and brutal heat. We’ll see how that goes.

Shelving is almost done. One room left, but until the audio book project is done, can’t move the computers around to put the shelves in. Soon.

On a nice note, I scrounged around in Chewy’s toy box last night and found his two favorites. He’s been anything but bored since we moved in, but I missed watching him play with his Kibble ball and puzzle. Pulled them out, loaded them up and put them out while he was in the back yard. 

When he came in, he worked them both hard. He had a blast. I laid down on the floor to watch television later that night and he came over, and licked my head for a few minutes. 


Now, if you’ve never had a dog do that on your bald head, it kind of melts you. So relaxing your eyes cross and you go limp. Man, I missed that and didn’t even realize it. Ed and Maisie, our shelties, did that years ago. Stormy never did it, and yesterday was the first time I remember Chewy doing it. It simply conveys total love. And, my nubby head scrapes the tongue crud off, so the dogs like that.

Today holds a block of recording the new DiMercurio audio book and then editing it when the afternoon rains come along. I’m excited:  the book is fantastic!  More details when the release is official.

Now, go about your day and be blessed.



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