So, There I Was Recording An Audio Book…

And all the hard work paid off massively.

As some of you know, I’ve been doing audio books for years. First as a volunteer for the blind, and then commercially. 

If you didn’t know that, no fault but my own: I need to talk about it more.

I’m currently working on the audio book of the COVID flash fiction we did over the first three months of the lockdown. I’m doing total production work on it for only the second time, and have put all of my lessons learned to very good use. The sound quality is silky, the acting my best yet, and since the stories are really good, it’s going to be a great audio book to accompany the Kindle and paperback versions. I hope you will strongly consider giving it as a Christmas present to at least five different people. 

At any who, while I’ve been working on it, I was contacted by an organization I volunteer with, and the woman who runs the outfit. Mind you, she’s got a great voice and could do her own book, but she asked me to do the audio book version of a series of training manuals they are putting out starting in December. It will be about 7 different books. And the audience is out there for these manuals. I can’t disclose the details, but the audience is likely to want audio versions to listen to while they work. 

I’m very proud of being asked to do this series. It not only means a solid income stream for some time to come, but I get to help people by presenting the material in a coherent manner. I get to do what I love, and do it for people I love. 

Now, why me would be the question. The answer is that when you put in hundreds of hours in the work of perfecting a craft, and do things the right way, you go from unknown to sought. And having paid the dues, it’s awfully nice to get asked. 

More details to come when it’s officially okay to disclose the project. But in the meantime, I have a lot of books to record. 

Hope your day is going great. Mine certainly is.


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