Chewy Is A Thief

I’ve been neglecting a dog post. It’s been a while, and you are all fans. So he tells me.  Let’s start with a few pictures:


Checking for spinach.


Now that you have the pictures, I can tell you about his appropriating of things.

He has stolen my heart. 

I love this dog in a new fashion after being home on quarantine for so long. I’ve never had kids, but he’s like a four-year-old with his effusive joy over small things. And he’s smart. Smart like the kid who took the stereo apart to see how it works – but lost a few parts. I know nothing of that sort of thing…

He gives spontaneous kisses and is as warm as a water bottle on a cold night.

He cannot stop wagging his tail.

He loves to collect pets and kisses. 

But how he differs is that he’s a unique, undamaged personality. He’s got his quirks, and he’s terrified of new things. Not for long, but at first.  But he’s not worried that we’re going to hurt him. Stormy was. He’s just a big oaf like his dad. He is, however, unsettled by small dogs and children. Not aggressively, but the “get me out of here” kind of thing. Wants nothing to do with them.

There’s a very sensitive side to him as well. Several months ago the day had been a ball of spiky misery. The kind that made me retreat to bed when I got home from work. I wasn’t fit to deal with, and removing myself from the fray was a good idea. 

Chewy, who never stayed on the bed for long when I go to sleep, came on the bed and cuddled in next to me while I took a nap. He knew that I needed him. He gave me what I had to have: unconditional love. 

I love giving him treats and pets. His goofy smile makes me smile. 

He’s a part of me. 

This Fourth of July season (for the local imbeciles start firing stuff off in early June) he got much closer to us. He was confused and hurt (his ears) by the loud explosions. He slept next to me on the bed several nights, and it was nice. He’s got sharp toe nails, but he’s so soft that it’s not a big deal. He’s also learned to just chill on the couch and go to sleep when chaos has overwhelmed him. We provide the comfort he needs in those moments.

I think God got this match perfect. I’m thankful every day for what he’s brought to our lives. 


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