My Heart Is Sad

Rush Limbaugh has just announced he’s got advanced lung cancer.

Rush has been an inspirational figure for me. He cheered me when I had almost given up on Conservatism as a dead cause.

He, and I, were so often in tune that I wondered if I had become one of those “Mind-numbed-robots” his critics claimed were the sole listeners.

Rarely did I disagree with him on anything. 

I think the reason is that neither of us gets paid to voice someone else’s opinions outside of commercials. He is an authentic voice.

I have not listened to him regularly for almost 20 years due to my work schedule. My wife is a blessing in so many ways, and among them I list the fact that when I have an afternoon off she lets me listen while we drive somewhere. 

I have been following Rush since his first days on national radio. I listened to him on replay during the coldest nights of my life driving a snow-plow in Minnesota. During blazing days pushing a lawnmower to pay the rent. And hundreds of other times when I needed to listen to a brilliant and entertaining voice in the wilderness of liberal media.

He is in need of prayers. Even if you don’t like him, pray for him. I pray for people I can’t stand regularly. Not just at the moment of anger, but I put them on my prayer list. 

Please add Rush to yours today.



My Heart Is Sad — 2 Comments

  1. Rush Limbaugh is a great man. He spoke candidly about his relationship with God on that sad, Monday day announcing his illness. His brother is an Evangelical so I assume he led Rush to the Lord at some point. Sadly, Rush has been the subject of more slander than almost any person in America over the last 30 years. Over and over again I hear him called a racist and a divider by people who never listen to his show and who are nothing more than liberal echo-chamber virtue-signalers. People like Joe Biden, AOC and those idiot late night talk show hosts with their hip nastiness. God will judge them harshly as slander is a sin and the Hebrew root word for it is translated into English as Satan. God bless Rush Limbaugh. He is assured of a bright legacy and future regardless of how this cancer thing goes. Because heaven awaits him.

  2. This shocked me when I heard it and broke my heart when it settled into reality. I cried. I’ll be praying hard for this man, this beacon, this truth-teller. Few people know how incredibly humble and generous he really is in spite of the schtick he presents to aggravate those who oppose him. We need him. Please, Lord, heal him. Please. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.