Time To Lower My Subscription Numbers

Yes, it’s time for one of those posts that will alienate a whole bunch of people. 

ON second thought, that’s how I’ve built this readership. But I always lose a few readers/friends when I talk about abortion.

Now, for those who don’t know, I’m anti-abortion. That doesn’t mean anti-choice, for the baby has no choice. It does, however, mean pro-life for the unborn. I’m also in favor of anti-life, perhaps “pro-choice”, for selectively thinning the herd of terrorists, rapists, child-molesters, and other assorted criminals, including people who leak classified material to hurt their country. Especially people who do it by circumventing the classification and data laws. But elderly women in Upstate New York rarely fall under my jurisdiction, so there’s that issue.

One of the arguments, a true straw man, that pro-abortion people use is that “Evangelicals love them only before they’re born, and then abandon them.”

Well, it’s time for a word we don’t use a lot around here: BUSHWA!!! I know more evangelicals who have adopted children than I can even count. I’m decidedly non-parental and my wife and I sponsor 4 different children financially. So, let’s put that silly little bit of rubbish to the side. 

The argument – again strawman – that we only care about the unborn takes a segue when you ask them why they think we feel that way? The most common response is that we don’t want to spend the money on the children, and that nobody loves them once they’re born. 

Given that stretch, wouldn’t it logically mean that we also advocate euthanasia of all unloved people who are expensive to maintain? I can think of several people I know who are not particularly lovable and have major medical issues. Is it time to just snuff them? Uh, that’s abhorrent to me. 

What about those who can’t take care of themselves? Then we need to kill all children under about six years of age, because they can’t fend for themselves, anyone with a major injury, anyone in a coma, anyone with ambulatory or back problems. We also need to include the addicted and the foolish. We do spend a lot of time on them, and even more money. So, who here is in favor of abortion and murdering the average 4-year old who isn’t properly loved by their abusive family?

I’m hearing crickets here. Good. Take it as food for thought. Killing babies in the womb isn’t an evangelical issue. It’s not a religious issue. It strikes at the heart of our moral fiber as a species. 

Come back next week when we discuss something else sure to enrage many readers. I’m leaning toward ethics and the democrat impeachment ploy. 


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Time To Lower My Subscription Numbers — 1 Comment

  1. Amen, Joseph! If we don’t take a stand, we stand for nothing. Children in the womb should never be barbarically murdered for anyone’s sake. Calling it anything but murder is a lie.