I Am A Cheesebag

I lied. Didn’t mean to, but I lied. 

The “Big Announcement” scheduled for today has been delayed for 1 week. The reason is simple, I’m a member of a board, and the board deserves to hear it all from me first.

As to the second announcement – well, let’s just do them both at once. 

I will say, in any event, that all of you praying for me was appreciated. And, it appeared to work!  I had great results at the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) convention in Chicago.  More to come, as it relates to both announcements. 


In the meantime, I’d just like to make my opinion known regarding the Ukrainian Impeachment Follies the democrats are holding at the capitol.  Russia didn’t work. So now they are meddling in foreign policy. Regardless of what your opinion is of Donald Trump, Presidents of the United States have wheeled, dealed, and squeezed foreign leaders using aid as leverage since at least Thomas Jefferson.

It is not the place of anyone in the chain of command to countermand, or deny, or report the President for doing so. Having been in the chain of command, you never know what the big boss has in mind. You aren’t there to judge it, but to support it. Do your best, keep your mouth shut and move along smartly.

Sometimes you are asked to do things that others might view as a crime, but the command authority has a good reason for doing them. I speak from experience. A Lieutenant Colonel is a nobody. A two-star General is a nobody. They don’t get to second-guess the President.

And, for those of you who are saying “He can’t criticize anyone in uniform” I’d just like to remind you that plenty of people wearing the uniform have been very wrong over the years. I’d give you a list, but either you’re nodding your head already or you think I’m a jerk. 

Joe Biden bragged about quid-pro-quo regarding firing the prosecutor in Ukraine. It’s on video. President Trump was within his rights to ask that it be investigated. If you really want to tell me that running for President absolves you from the law, every stupid drug-dealer in America should run for president to avoid  going to jail. 

There’s an election in 2020. If you don’t like Donald Trump, don’t vote for him. But this insane drive to impeach him began before he was sworn in. It’s not good for our country. Period.

Now, back to what I was doing earlier. Looking at pictures of Chewy.



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I'm a conservative Christian author who's been happily married for over 30 years. I am a Veteran of the United States Navy, Naval Security Group. I speak a few languages, I have an absurd sense of humor and I'm proud to be an American.


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  1. Beautiful pup. (I call dogs of any age “pup” or “puppy”. Can’t help myself.)

    And, Amen, to your assessment of the faux-impeachment charade. Lord, may they reap what they’re sowing.