The First Lady & The Morons Who Hate Her.

Let’s just lay this one out there and make it clear: the trait I like most in my First Families is their being in the background. I never want to hear that the spouse of the President of the United States is heading up anything except a program to encourage reading, being kind to animals, or some charity. I wish them to have absolutely zero political impact in any way at all. I didn’t vote for them, I don’t want them to have any power over anything except what’s for dinner at the White House.

Melania Trump

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There have been publicly active first ladies going back over a century. For all practical purposes, Woodrow Wilson’s wife, Edith, was the president after he had a stroke.

Edith Wilson

Not too many years later, Eleanor Roosevelt was prominent in a number of areas within the political sphere. Some of this, like Edith Wilson, was due to the fact that Franklin was limited in mobility due to his health, and restrictions on him during WWII due to security concerns.

We continued this with the modern era of royal First Ladies, and the rise of Jacqueline Kennedy. Now, in fairness to the woman, she was attractive and widowed in a sensational manner. The press fawned over her like none before her, and she became hemmed in by the legend. I think she hated it based on my study of history, but knew she was stuck with it for ill or good.

Lady Bird Johnson receded into the background, as did the next three First ladies.

Nancy Reagan was not an activist in any modern sense of the word, but as a former actress, and the wife of a man the press tried to destroy because he was a moron and tried to kill us all with atomic war, she was fair game for stupidly saying that kids should “Just say “no” to drugs.”

That is not what I think/thought, but it is certainly how the press, at the early stages of anti-republican dementia, portrayed them. Like it or not, much of the raging leftist mania of the press was inspired by Russia (at that time known as the Soviet Union.) More than a few of our “guardians of the First Amendement” were actually taking money/influence from the KGB, and actively working to undermine the United States in the Cold War.

Reagan fixed that issue by winning the Cold War, but the leftist control of the popular press, and a good bit of academia, was now in place.

They left Barbara Bush alone for the most part, but only because she wasn’t going to play along with them, and largely ignored their hurtful things. Also, George Bush (The Senior) was not as conservative as Reagan, and more of a globalist. So the press gave him a bit more of a pass.

Now we come to the most recent generation’s incarnation (since Eleanor Roosevelt) of the activist First Lady: Hillary Rodham Clinton. She had her finger in all sorts of pies, scandals, and oppression of other women. She was Bill’s enforcer when he was accused of sexual assault/rape. She was “put in charge” of reforming health care. Thankfully that was shot down in flames, or by now we would be enjoying our own versions of the Alfie Evans tragedy on a daily basis. Hillary was lauded by the press for her strong stands, her great brilliance, and her near incandescent beauty. Although most of that is just wrong. Seriously, beautiful? I’ve met longshoremen in wigs that were sexier… well, maybe this isn’t the place for that story. But when the press is on your side, you can do no wrong.

Laura Bush was mostly invisible, but the press made darned sure we all knew about the tragic death of her boyfriend when she was a young woman. They loved to beat up on the moron in the White House (Do you see a pattern? Disagree with the goals/views of the press and you’re stupid.) and spent 8 years tearing George the Younger down for being Hitler.

We now come to Michelle Obama. I am no fan of the Obamas in any way, but I wasn’t about to go after her for her unusual choice in clothing. But good grief, people, she was not the “most beautiful woman in America.” Seriously. I know a lot of breath-takingly beautiful women of all sorts of colors. She isn’t one of them. Her program to lecture all of us on race and school lunches was not her job as First Lady. I don’t want anyone (see first paragraph) who isn’t elected to hector me about anything from an “office” that is a courtesy at best. And her arms aren’t all that and a bag of chips. But she was worshiped by the press and we couldn’t object or we’d all be racists. (Yeah, I went there.)

Now, in Melania Trump, we have a fashion model who speaks five languages and ran her own business. She is without a doubt more intelligent than all the late-night hosts put together, but some of them have the gall to mock her on her accent when she speaks English. I’m willing to bet Kimmel, who’s Spanish accent when reading the teleprompter is worse than mine, is about 20 points below her on any scale of anything. Except cloddish behavior. And yet he mocked her accent.

The press keeps telling us that Melania’s being held hostage in the White House. She hates Donald. She is depressed. She can’t get top designers to create fashion for her since she’s a fascist, etc.

Yeah. I think there’s a better answer to it all: She’s radiantly beautiful, in great shape, brighter than almost all in the press, could wear a shower curtain and make it look good (*Hillary tried that, but it didn’t work out so well.*), and they’re jealous of the fact that she’s all of the above, and not making policy.

Again, see paragraph one: that’s not her job. So, Melania, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work. I hope your recovery from surgery is speedy and turns out to be a good rest for you. Just continue to be a great wife and a great mom. Take time to exult in the fact that you have faith in God, are beautiful, and far classier than all of your critics.

If this sounds like a fan letter for Melania, and a slap at the activist First Ladies, you are correct.

As I said, it’s not their job to make policy.

God Bless Melania Trump. Now, leave the woman alone.

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  1. this is my 1st exposure to your prose. My applause and compliments to your writing style and skill. I’ll be watching!