London 9/15/2017 – Probably Not Missionary Baptists Putting Bombs On The Tube

Remember my post from 9/12? Forgot already, eh?

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For those of you who are probably wondering how I know that it’s not Baptists, it’s because the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not endorse this kind of madness. The Quran, on the other hand, does exactly so in its dark pages.

You might be thinking – “It didn’t amount to much. Nobody was killed.” Yeah. Let’s change things a tiny bit – it goes off while the train enters an underground section of the route. It doesn’t fizzle, but ignites properly. Now it’s dozens, perhaps hundreds, dead.

That is the enemy: they will kill you for being you on the way to work. Children, old men, business women – doesn’t matter. It’s all in the name of Jihad.

So before you dismiss this one as “another lone-wolf attack” think about where you’ve been lately where a 5-gallon pail would be unremarkable. Now picture it exploding in flames.

I’m betting that your tolerance of Islam just went down about 90% or more.

It’s real, people. Be on guard.

Oh, yeah.. it has not been identified as an Islamic terrorist attack as of 0749 Central Daylight Savings Time. But it will be soon. If it is not, visit this page next week for my apology and the picture of me writing a check out to an Islamic Charity.

Bwhahahahaha. Not bloody likely. It’s not bigoted if its factual, and this observation is based on over three decades of observing this death-cult.

But just so all of you snowflakes are feeling balanced: Daggone Baptists.

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