Are You An Angel Watching Over Someone?

We wander through this life hoping that God is looking down on us with favor. Sometimes it’s pretty clear that He’s right there with supernatural intercession. Amy Grant did a great job of describing that to us with her song Angels Watching Over Me.

But what about the day-to-day work that needs doing? The stuff that falls into the little cracks where celestial attention is diverted still needs to be done. That, My friend, is where you come into the picture.

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Sometimes it will be something as simple as grabbing the keys someone dropped on the way into the grocery store and running them up to the person. Other times it will be listening, and praying, as someone you may not even know pours out their worldly troubles and seeks a solution.

Other times, it will be a bit more complex. I’ve given an example or two in the past, but this weeks is a cautionary one. I pulled into a parking lot at a major shopping complex last Friday and parked my car towards the end of the row. I looked to my left so I wouldn’t “door ding” the car next to me and saw a sleeping 3-5 year old in a car seat in the back seat. Nobody else in the car.

It wasn’t hot out, as a matter of fact it was perfectly nice weather to sit in a car and listen to the radio. But all I could think of was that this was baiting the devil with a vulnerable child. There was no sightline from the store to the car, and certainly nobody would notice the child in the back being harmed at that distance.

Not wanting to push the panic button, and understanding that maybe mom-or dad- ran in to grab milk after a busy day, I didn’t call the police. I did take a picture of the license plate, and then I watched. I grabbed a bench outside the store and watched that car for the next 15-20 minutes. Finally mom came out and drove away.

Friday I was the angel watching over. Mom didn’t know it, but once the timer hit 20 minutes I was calling the police. You only get so much slack on this sort of thing. But what if I hadn’t watched over that child? Would they have been harmed? We’ll never know. But I do know that God counts on us to watch over others. Especially the helpless.

Be that angel this week. Take the time to watch over someone that needs it today.

See you soon.

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