1,000 Posts & A Rant

Today’s post makes #1000 since I started this fiasco years ago. In that time, over 2,000,000 hits on the website. Most of them me and my mom.

I apologize for the light posting lately, but it’s with good reason: I’ve signed two contracts that tie up a lot of my time.

The first contract is to write a book for someone. There is a strong NDA (non-disclosure agreement) involved, so that’s about all I can say. Except I get paid. And have deadlines. I am having fun.

The second contract is to do some audio book work for Michael DiMercurio: Attack of the Seawolf. Michael is not just a great author, but he’s a friend who mentored me in writing Assault on Saint Agnes. I’m thrilled to be doing this work. It should be done in the next few weeks, and it will be a great audio book if I’m any judge. But it means getting up before 0400 every day to record and edit. This paragraph is being written at 0434 – a little break before I put up the microphone.

Thank you for your understanding. Yeah, all of that in addition to the usual whirlwind of nonsense I participate in, including writing the sequel to AOSA (Assault on Saint Agnes.)

To celebrate, I’ve made up a new list of things that annoy me.

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Let’s start with Mr. 173 pounds. Dude, it’s fantastic that your weight is so stable. Now put the freaking weights back to zero on the scale before you abandon the locker room with your towel on the floor. (Could someone explain how that scale works to this rocket scientist?)

Bozos with Yassir Arafat beards talking on their cellphones and cutting me off in the merge lane. Yes, you, you hipster nitwit. You almost killed us both. Grow a real beard, put down the phone, and… forget it. You’re mentioned again here and I hate to repeat myself.

The glowstick kids on the race course. There is a reason that the race asks you not to wear any lights: they spend days putting together 1,000 candles for the course. See, if you only have candlelight, you can enjoy the night sky and the amazing stars. But selfish jerks with tent-lighting glow sticks strapped to their legs rather defeat the whole point.

The person ahead of me in the line at the grocery store who decided they didn’t want the frozen dinners and just put them under the end of the conveyor belt. Listen, nuclear brain surgeon, that wastage ups my grocery costs as well.

The drone in sector 7G at the Ramsey County offices who had only one response when I inquired as to the status of a plot of land: There are back taxes on that lot. There are back taxes on that lot. There are… Really. Never would have guessed. I just wanted to know if the city, or the county, actually owned the property yet. But I’d wager that there are back taxes on that lot.

The two women who hopped up as we approached the bus stop and stood in the back door. And then didn’t open the door. They were getting ready for the next stop. So those of us getting off had to push past them. Thanks, Ladies!!!

The list will continue to grow. Updates later. Today was just a drive-by posting to prove I’m still alive.

Now, to record for a few hours before I go to work.

Be well.

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