Spring Share at KTIS with Healing Haiti.

This week KTIS is doing their spring fund raising push and they are helping out Healing Haiti at the same time. An anonymous donor has come out to support Healing Haiti. During the week when you financially support KTIS that … Continue reading

Blessings continue to rain down. Thank you, Faigle.

I am a firm believer that blessings are real. Today’s post is about a blessing that I received on behalf of Healing Haiti. While we were in Haiti we travelled around in vehicles known as tap-taps. Inside it gets a … Continue reading

Mental health problems are hard to ignore.

This will be one of those posts where experts will poo-poo my amateur approach and those suffering themselves, or with loved ones who suffer, taking note of my writing and shedding a tear. Whether or not you are willing to … Continue reading

Nothing serious today.

Today is a day of rest, just like yesterday. I spent some time with my friend Steve in ICU. Yes, he still really needs those prayers. Going on into the third week of his hospitalization. And don’t forget his wife, … Continue reading