Santa Claus Is Here

John Carmody had been Santa for 20 years. Ironically, 2020 was his 20th anniversary as Santa.  In that time he’d risen to the peak of his profession. Perhaps not the most wealthy Santa that had ever worn the red suit, … Continue reading

Nuts. Cely Topped Anything I Can Say, So Now I Have To Write A Whole New Story.

I really like Rob Cely. He’s a gifted writer. But right now, he’s shamed me with his story. I have to completely rewrite mine. But that’s my problem. You should click this link and go read his right now. It’s … Continue reading

Joe Shaw Writes A Nice Christmas Story. (Many Die In Shock.)

We’re all in shock. When it comes to the tragic and strange, you can count on Shaw. But today’s Christmas story is actually very nice, as you will find out at this link. Go read it.  But first, go buy … Continue reading

Jamie D. Greening Takes A Shot At Santa

This has been a tough year to be Santa. No in person visits, no freeloading food – er, cookie gifts, and now, two days in a row, Santa is being mangled by my fellow authors. Jamie D. Greening is busy … Continue reading

I Need A Better Publicist: Free Flash Fiction For Fans

I can’t help myself. when the alliteration starts.. it’s Christmas fiction. Free. Today’s gem comes from Derek Alan Elkins at his blog, click the link to go give it a read. He’s clearly rooting for the other guy in this … Continue reading