Get Those “Unfriend/Unfollow” Fingers Limbered Up!

I have a confession to make: I make a lousy Christian author by many standards. At least, the standards of social media. I don’t love everyone. My books reflect that. (Just one published so far, but I promise to hate … Continue reading

My Love Letter To Amy Matayo

That title will probably garner me some dirty looks from a few readers, but worry not: I’m still faithful to my wife. But my wife didn’t write The End of the World. Amy Matayo did. And I’m in love with … Continue reading

Vive La France. I Am An Official Islamophobe.

Friday was much like 9/11 for me: it was expected. France has been a seething cesspool of jihadist scum for years. Our media has blithely ignored the atrocities there, describing marauding bands of Arab youth as “urban youth.” Islamic types … Continue reading

Johnny Belinda: A Movie Review

1948 was a long time ago in terms of social acceptance of disability. It was a long time ago in terms of understanding rape. Johnny Belinda deals with both subjects in a beautiful, humanizing way. It’s a must-see move from … Continue reading

Love Is Unflinching When It’s Pure. If You Don’t Flinch, Sometimes You Get Slugged In The Guts.

Today was a day of sadness for a great number of people I know. The title of today’s blog makes perfect sense in the context of what they’re going through. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author … Continue reading