Vive La France. I Am An Official Islamophobe.

Friday was much like 9/11 for me: it was expected. France has been a seething cesspool of jihadist scum for years. Our media has blithely ignored the atrocities there, describing marauding bands of Arab youth as “urban youth.” Islamic types murder Jews, attack magazines, rape women, and get away with it because nobody wants to be branded as Islamophobic.

My ancestral homeland

My ancestral homeland

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Today I’m coming fully out of the closet: I am an Islamophobic Francophile. Unrepentant. Joyous. If you have never dealt with American Sailors, and expect me to pray for the swine who blitzed Paris on Friday, you may not want to read the rest of this – I promise it will make you go blind and lose all faith in me as a Christian. (Maybe. But I was a sailor before I was born again and remember things about France from that perspective.)

The simple fact is, if you go easy on Islam, it’s like going easy on National Socialism – The Nazis. Yes, I lose, I mentioned Nazis. But aside from the fact that they built the autobahn, and made some great machine guns and rockets and … Gee, all of those are military accomplishments. Not a lot of social stuff aside from Leni Riefenstahl, and somehow a couple of brilliantly directed propaganda movies don’t tip that scale.

If you go easy on the Nazi party, you excuse euthanasia, concentration camps, mass murder, eugenics, invasions, and a host of other evils. There is a reason we’re not rooting for the accomplishments of Adolf Hitler these days. Yet the same people who don’t want to excuse any of the above crimes against humanity seem to be perfectly willing to excuse the same behavior in Islam.

“Sputter, snarf, babble – but it’s a religion! It’s the same as Christianity! The Germans were Christians!” Yeah. Spare me and go back to your history books. Islam is only a religion because we give them a tax deduction. The Nazi Party was not Christian. They tended to put clergy into the camps with the Jews. And the homosexuals. And the Gypsies. See a trend here?

“But,” the babbling masses say, “the Quran opposes violence. See, right here (cite passage out of context.)” Um, no. It doesn’t. It gets more violent the further into the book you go, unlike the Christian Bible. That book gets more peaceful and accepting of others as it goes along. Quoting the Quran out of context is like lifting quotes from the Old Testament without context – you can make it say anything.

My favorite argument is, “The Quran only gets more violent in the latter parts because Mohammed was getting old.” Gee, that doesn’t sound like a revelation from God to me. Sounds more like… Marvel Comics. Can’t have it both ways guys. Unless Stan Lee is now writing scripture. For goodness sake, you have issues with L. Ron Hubbard doing the same thing and nobody is calling Scientology the Religion of Peace.

The expression “Time to get off the pot.” should be applied here. Take pot any way you want. But turning a blind eye to Islam, and the forces pursuing a caliphate, just leads to getting hit in the back of the head. Our beloved leader is letting 10,000 refugees from Syria into this country this year. How about we hold off on that until we get all of our sick veterans treated at the V.A., find homes for the homeless, and make sure that we have drug treatment programs for all of our addicted before we invite the Caliphate to open a branch office in Des Moines? Because the news is emerging that at least one of the attackers in Paris was a “refugee.”

I’m going long today because it seems a glimmer of understanding is now reflecting off the darkness the media has walled off the crimes of Islam with in the past. People see the truth coming out in the bodies of dead concert goers. To be blunt, it’s not just a bunch of Jews getting stabbed (because hating Jews and loving Islam seem to go together) in Israel, or Beirut residents having a suicide bomb go off in their neighborhood. No, it’s hitting that Holy of Holies: France and it’s culture. Truly, they have nice things in their museums, but if that’s what it takes to wake you up I’ll buy it.

The apologists are already blaming Bush for this attack and the creation of ISIS. Less than 24 hours for that to pop. It was radicals – read true believers in my book. They were oppressed – for about a month in one case, because he just got off the boat from Syria in October.

You see, evil is evil. If you excuse it, you let it win. Name the top five things Islam has done for humanity in the past 300 years. I’ll be out back barbecuing a rack of ribs while you search in vain. I like pork. That and the contents of this blog today mark me for death in most Islamic countries. Remember that when you politely stay quiet as your jackass friends defend Islam and “a few bad apples.” Have the courage to disagree. I’m putting out here with my face and name on the blog. Grow some and stand up for Western Civilization.

My only hope is that there are as many lazy Muslims around as God can manage. Because the guy that you get your falafel from isn’t the problem: he’s assimilated. It’s the horde streaming out of the western part of Asia that is the problem. Muslims that are Americans first, are not the problem. I am not advocating genocide. But I am saying it’s time to take a stand.

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Let’s see why:

France: Croissants. croissants

Islam: Slavery is OK. slavery


France: Cointreau. cointreau

Islam: Sanctioned rape. rapeislam


France: Oldest ally. lafayette

Islam: Trying to kill everyone else since Muhammad. massacre


France: Mirage Jets. Mirage_5F

Islam: Camels. camelcorps


France: A relatively decent amount of personal freedom. frenchprotests

Islam: Death to those who offend the profit. (yeah, I think there may be a spelling issue there….) profitinsult


France: Wine (don’t drink the stuff, but I’m told it’s pretty good.) frenchwine
Islam: Death to users of alcohol. Haram


France: Bombing the snot out of their enemies within 48 hours of a murderous terrorist attack. howdyisis
Islam: Murderous terrorist attacks. parisattack


France: Topless beaches on the Mediterranean coast. (And that ends the picture tour. There are some standards around here.)
Islam: Burkas.


France: Submarine bars (I kind of miss Toulon some days.)
Islam: Pedophile retreats.


France: The place my people come from originally.
Islam: The place that never grew past the seventh century.


I see France has gone 10 for 10.

I’ve never made a secret of my contempt for the French proclivity to snivel. But this past weekend they grew some serious clangers. I admire the fact that their head of state came out and said they were at war. Ours? I think he was a bit miffed that the French police tried to kill the attackers and deny them a chance to immigrate to the United States.

Wake up, America. Islam has been on track to destroy us since Jefferson. They continue, today, to try and destroy the entire world that is not Islam. That’s a part of the creed.

Many of my religious friends are praying for peace. Not me. I’m praying for vengeance so brutal that nobody will head out of their cave for at least a decade. I’m praying for the survival of every French military and intelligence member that engages the forces of Islam. I’m not praying for my enemies.

I guess that makes me a bad Christian. Tell you what I’m going to do: I’m going to let God sort it out. I believe in Him, not Allah. I think on the final day, the raping, enslaving, suicide bombing, pedophile dirtbags that we’re fighting will all get the nod to the left and I’ll get the nod to the right. I’ll risk it.

Vive La France!

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