Touched A Nerve – Pun Intended.

Seems my primer on chemical weaponry this week provoked a larger than usual response. The comments were all deleted before being published as I didn’t feel like responding individually. That’s why I pay the rent here – I get to … Continue reading

Here’s An Idea To Save Lots Of Taxpayer Money.

How about if we settle two of the biggest military news items of the past week with one solution? My proposal is that we set up a little obstacle course on a large flat area under control of the military … Continue reading

Syria Update. How We Shouldn’t Spend Our Blood And Treasure.

Let’s talk about chemical weaponry. It’s prominently in the news today with all that’s going on in Syria and some of our esteemed leadership is itching to get involved in the fray. Some chemical weapons are blistering agents. These, like … Continue reading

Sponsorship Sunday – Week Sixteen – Edens

Week Sixteen is upon us. As always, I appreciate your taking the time to read about this week’s child and giving thought to financially supporting them. The response has been wonderful, and I love you all for taking care of … Continue reading

Friday. A Spontaneous Dog Post.

Yesterday morning I got home and did the usual dog stuff. Once I’d opened the back door Stormy went about her business and got in a mite of barking. Normal morning around here, pretty much like every other morning since … Continue reading