I Have A Really Good Excuse For My Absence.

It dawned on me today that this might be the longest stretch between blog postings in the history of this mess. I’m not going to go back and check that statement,  but it does seem that it’s been a very … Continue reading

Stormy The Gray Blur – But In A Different Way.

Regular readers of this train-wreck will identify Stormy as my rescue Sheltie. She’s been living with us for about three years, and came to us in the wake of our losing Maisie, another female Sheltie. Maisie was a fiend for … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Stormy!

Two years ago a very shy, frightened, Shetland Sheepdog named Stormy came to live with us in Saint Paul. That has changed. This is an image from an hour or two ago, when we had our “morning snuggle.” Please follow … Continue reading

30 Pound Heart Surgeon.

There has been a great deal of attention paid to an article in the New York Times this past week about dogs having emotions. I think that sells dogs short. They not only have emotions but they have personalities, skills, … Continue reading