Shaw Brings The Weird. No Big Surprise There. We Call It Friday. Now, No More Clucking.

Yesterday, Jamie D. Greening went all high-brow on us. Today Shaw pulls it out of the dive toward literary stuff and brings his usual malodourous mojo to the Halloween story cavalcade. What a lovely way to end it. I even … Continue reading

Greening Strikes Again

I never know what to expect when Jamie Greening writes a short story. I know it will be bizarre and often with a musical reference. Pretty much a given. But today’s story takes a path that even I didn’t see … Continue reading

The House on 159 Cedar Hill by Robert Cely

That you like a plot twist is a given. You’re here. Robert Cely likes them as well. He’s over on Cedar right now, telling a tale. You should click that link and go read it. It’s magnificent. We hope you’ll … Continue reading

The Visitation: A Paul J. Bennet Masterpiece.

Skip all the other things you were going to do today and click the link to read a great story from my friend Paul. The Visitation.  Paul is a guy you need to read.  We hope you’ll visit the other … Continue reading