23 Precisely – Part II

We will shortly continue with the story, but a bit of politics first. If you are voting early, you probably fall into one of two categories: the hopeless party hack (on either side) who would vote for Satan’s dog if … Continue reading

23 Precisely

Some of you wonder where I get my ideas when I write. The short answer is a very strange mind. Today I was inspired by another fellow with an equally strange mind. I hope you enjoy this flash fiction. It … Continue reading

Where Are The Dogs?

Since I’ve been goofing off lately (on my sequel writing duties) I thought I’d give you all a taste of Kurtz to get you through the week. Yes, it’s original flash fiction time here at the blog. As always, I … Continue reading

It’s Not Walking Pneumonia If They’re Dragging You.

Since I know most of you read this while you should be working, make sure your corporate LAN is up to the task, read the blog, and then get to work! A gentle reminder first: if you’ve read Assault on … Continue reading

Book Review: Beyond The Steel Wall: A Tale Of Discovery – By Robert Cely

Today I review a book. Have I mentioned that my book Assault on Saint Agnes is on sale for $.99? Today I review a book. This time I stick to the topic: Robert Cely’s work Beyond the Steel Wall: A … Continue reading