Assorted Links I Babble About When Giving Lectures


As you probably know, I’m not a “slide-commando.” Nope, never going to hit the 100 mission’s over Power Point award. Consequently, I throw out information that is very long and hard to write down when giving URLs to the audience.

This is the fix. You will find the common links below. See, I promised you’d find them here.

Crime Scene Investigation document. This is the mother lode for all of you writers. If it isn’t here, you don’t need it in a novel.


I only have one link:

These guys are funny and accurate. Teach you most of what you need to know.


I throw this stuff out faster than moldy magazines. But as of September 2017 it contained the links I use most.

Here’s the best of the bunch on Taqiyya – the allowance of lying for the defense of Islam.

my favorite youtube video on the topic –