I Don’t Even Like Led Zeppelin, But I Love This Video.

Here’s a refreshing break from my ranting. I love talented kids. This bunch rocks the house. I know how hard it is to get adults to coordinate and practice anything. But youngsters? From different schools? For a long piece? WOW! … Continue reading

The Islamic Threat Is Real, Mr. President.

Since I’ll flush a few readers with this one, I’d just like to say, “Thank you for dropping by. I hope you’re not beheaded or burned alive. Too bad you were offended, but not sorry I offended you.” Please follow … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Henning’s Pizza Of Naples, Florida **Updated**

A correction is in order. My sources inform me that my description of the location as being in the southern part of Naples, Fl is not correct. The area is actually identified by highly knowledgeable local residents as being East … Continue reading

Three Decades Of Putting Up With Joe Courtemanche. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

That picture is a few years old. We were in Haiti on a missions trip with Healing Haiti. It was, by far, our best anniversary by any measure. Serving God, warm weather, years of spiritual growth together. And, a pretty … Continue reading