Who? Me? Both Of Us?

Somewhere along the way, Jesus lured me back to life. I won’t do the whole testimony thing here, you’d be bored. But I will tell you how it’s impacted me in the last decade. Please follow me on Twitter, and … Continue reading

Three Decades Of Putting Up With Joe Courtemanche. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

That picture is a few years old. We were in Haiti on a missions trip with Healing Haiti. It was, by far, our best anniversary by any measure. Serving God, warm weather, years of spiritual growth together. And, a pretty … Continue reading

Answered Prayers – A Lift For Your Weekend. (And, Some Funny Stuff!)

This blog has a praying audience. I know this from the comments I get on different pieces. Sometimes you pray that I’ll get bad arthritis and quit writing, but most of the time you’ve lifted me up in prayer, or … Continue reading

First impressions are often the first ones you get.

“Poverty is a lack of opportunity accompanied by a defeated spirit.” – Journal, day one of our mission trip with KTIS and Healing Haiti. (May be plagiarized, but that’s what I wrote at the top of the first page.) I … Continue reading