That Pair Of Shoes Fits Him Much Better.

For those of you new to the blog, and there are about 200 of you this past week, I not only write books, but I dabble in other things. It’s hard to remember on my “bad” days, but I’m also … Continue reading

Answered Prayers – A Lift For Your Weekend. (And, Some Funny Stuff!)

This blog has a praying audience. I know this from the comments I get on different pieces. Sometimes you pray that I’ll get bad arthritis and quit writing, but most of the time you’ve lifted me up in prayer, or … Continue reading

You’ll Never Guess Which Bearded Author Is A Male Model.

Me. Yeah, I model. I’ve been working modeling jobs for decades. I was a hand model back in the 1980’s for some obscure product when a friend desperately needed a set of workman’s hands for a photo shoot he’d scored. … Continue reading