The Orbital Mechanics Of Imprisonment.

I think about a lot of random stuff. Writer’s curse. One topic that has always fascinated me is space flight. Specifically, the Apollo missions to the moon. How does that relate to winding up in prison? Read on for a … Continue reading

Grace Is A Walk In The Park: Flash Fiction.

This post is comprised of a story I’d written for a Christian radio station writing contest. I’m pulling it out of the file for two reasons: First, I needed a post today. Second, I didn’t win. So, it was just … Continue reading

Port-au-Prince In 337 Easy Steps.

Lots of folks ask how could they do a mission trip like the ones I’ve taken to Haiti over the last few years. Complexity, fear, the unknown – all of those are issues to be dealt with when making your … Continue reading

Charleston Church Shooting Is Not A Hate Crime: It’s Murder

Hate crimes are crimes based on thoughts. A bogus idea on a good day. The shooting at the church last night was murder-x-9. Let’s call it what it is and not whip up the traditional racial animosity that the media … Continue reading

Johnny Belinda: A Movie Review

1948 was a long time ago in terms of social acceptance of disability. It was a long time ago in terms of understanding rape. Johnny Belinda deals with both subjects in a beautiful, humanizing way. It’s a must-see move from … Continue reading