12 Strong – A Review. Five Stars *****

Just for a change, why don’t you go watch the movie and then come back and read this silly blog. You truly have to see this on the big screen. No? Well, I figured you’d be stubborn. You are, after … Continue reading

Johnny Belinda: A Movie Review

1948 was a long time ago in terms of social acceptance of disability. It was a long time ago in terms of understanding rape. Johnny Belinda deals with both subjects in a beautiful, humanizing way. It’s a must-see move from … Continue reading

Every Frame Should Be A Poster. If The Poster Doesn’t Tell A Story, It’s Not A Classic.

Each of you has experienced a moment of crystallization like the one I had on Tuesday morning. When it hit, you sat in stunned silence for a few minutes trying to process the event and put it into words. All … Continue reading

Long Overdue Rant

One of the things that makes me the most unbalanced (as in “Get the Thorazine Darts!”) is a poorly researched book, television show, or movie involving the military. I fully accept the fact that it’s a pet peeve and I … Continue reading