“…the narrator has a voice like butter churned in heaven.”

Bryan Parent

The library is growing every few months, and as the days go by they get better with practice!


More Sub Tales by Charles and Frank Hood will entertain and inform the reader about key moments and milestones in the evolution of submarines. Learn about the many ordeals, sacrifices, and brave acts that represent the proud legacy of this underappreciated segment of our Armed Forces. Each story has been carefully vetted by more than two dozen veteran submariners for accuracy, and in most chapters, additional authenticity has been gained by interviewing actual participants. Care has been taken to omit what needs to remain classified, but in no way does such safeguarding get in the way of captivating storytelling.



Average Americans were told, “You will own nothing, and be happy.” They are not happy, but now they have nothing, so have nothing left to lose. But what to do? A mysterious ‘Corn King’ proves to be the catalyst. The ‘Corn King’ explains how activist-soldiers like Saul Alinsky have targeted them, and reveals how Americans can turn the tables on their oppressors using the same tactics that were used against them.

Individuals are tired of being chewed up and spit out in the progressive’s bid to create a ‘perfect society, ‘ but is it too late to do anything about it? In The Corn Siege, America finally ruptures, the rage spreading from ‘fly over’ country in a great wave that ultimately reaches the coasts, threatening to drown them.

The Corn Siege is satirical fiction, not prophecy. It glories in skewering the people who don’t believe we need farms because we have grocery stores. It mocks the people who believe you can plant a cow and harvest lettuce. In The Corn Siege, people get what they deserve: the harvest of the kinds of seeds they actually planted.



WHIRLWIND by Dana McNeely

A king’s downfall and a love that transcends war

Spurned by potential suitors, Miriam travels to Jezreel to care for her cousin’s son. There, the precocious seven-year-old works his way into her heart. When Arameans swarm the land like locusts, Miriam focuses on the safety of her young ward but promises adventures beyond the city walls when the war ends.

Gershon, a quiet and kind vintner, is happily building a life for his wife, son, and aging parents. But when his wife dies during childbirth and war looms on the horizon, he must make a decision—will he take a new wife before his heart can mend? 

Meanwhile, Dov, a young officer crosses paths with the “bird girl” he remembers from the past. That she is a beautiful woman matters not, as he is a career soldier. Unexpectedly charged with leading Ahab’s army against the Arameans, Dov anticipates death and defeat in Samaria, but when a prophet pledges victory, Dov vows to fight to the end.

When an unlikely victory brings freedom, a bright future seems imminent. Then one afternoon Miriam witnesses a tragedy and must flee with the boy to keep them both safe. With henchmen on their trail, will they find refuge—and her heart the home she’s longed for?



PANIC SWITCH by Michael DiMercurio

The oily and brackish waters of the Russian Northern Fleet submarine base part for the passage of the colossal special purpose Omega II-class submarine Belgorod, on a mission to hold the United States hostage. This gigantic submarine is armed with three Poseidon unmanned submersibles, each with a 10-megaton warhead. Her goal: placing them offshore in US ports in a nuclear-blackmail chess move.

In response, the United States dispatches the newest special operations attack submarine, the Virginia-class USS New Jersey, which lies in wait to follow Belgorod under the polar icecap. Because every submariner knows that what happens under the ice…never happened.

Legendary former admiral and current National Security Advisor Michael Pacino and his son Anthony, a combat-decorated veteran of undersea warfare, return in this epic novel of submarine-versus-submarine warfare.




The US Navy’s On-the-Roof Gang, Volume 2: War in the Pacific is an historical novel based on the unknown true-life story of the “On-the-Roof Gang”. It is a sequel to The US Navy’s on-the-Roof Gang, Volume 1: Prelude to War.

This second volume begins with the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and documents the contributions of the On-the-Roof Gang during World War II. It focuses on the wartime stories of the On-the-Roof Gang intercept operators, some who were stationed in Hawaii, some who survived a tortuous existence in a POW camp, others who had to evacuate their intercept sites, and still others who performed intercept operations while at sea during some of the most famous naval battles of World War II.




PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

[Personal note:  The author, Matt Zullo, and I were contemporaries in our first 5 years in the Naval Security Group, the organization described in this book. We were only acquainted to each other as fellow students at a distance, and served in different theatres of the Cold War. But 39 years later he asked me to narrate this book. It was an incredible honor, as he pays homage to our history.]




The US Navy’s On-the-Roof Gang, Volume 1: Prelude to War is an historical novel based on the unknown true-life story of the “On-the-Roof Gang”, the US Navy’s fledgling radio intelligence organization in the years leading up to World War II. It is based on the real life of Harry Kidder, a US Navy radioman who first discovered and deciphered Japanese katakana telegraphic code while stationed in the Philippines in the 1920s, discovering the he was listening to Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) radio communications. Kidder strongly believed in the future of radio intelligence, and a chance meeting with Lieutenant Laurance Safford led to the birth of the Navy’s Radio Intelligence community.




Kidder taught others the nascent art of intercepting IJN communications on the roof of the Main Navy Building in Washington, DC. From 1928 to 1941, 176 sailors and marines attended this training and were then stationed as radio intercept operators around the Pacific. These men would become known as the On-the-Roof Gang and were charged with keeping track of the IJN as they prepared for war with the United States. The circumstances of America’s entry into World War II hinged on success or failure of the On-the-Roof Gang, and Harry Kidder knew this.

On-the-Roof Gang: Prelude to War concludes with the “date which will live in infamy”, December 7, 1941.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

[Personal note:  The author, Matt Zullo, and I were contemporaries in our first 5 years in the Naval Security Group, the organization described in this book. We were only acquainted to each other as fellow students at a distance, and served in different theatres of the Cold War. But 39 years later he asked me to narrate this book. It was an incredible honor, as he pays homage to our history.]


Reasoned Resiliency: A Rational Devotional for First Responders is unique in that it combines a spiritual message with practical advice for a daily dose of uplift. Nondenominational and applicable to all spiritual philosophies, it probes the spiritual values of the listener and encourages them to grow in their resilience and wellness. 

The authors are both senior mentors for Navigating Adversity (an internationally recognized program for improving resilience for first responders), and chaplains within that program.

There is a devotional for every day, because an uplift is an important part of working in a field that takes a piece of you each time you put on the uniform.



RAIN by Dana Mcneely


In ancient Samaria, Aban anticipates his rites of passage with excitement and dread. He yearns to join the priesthood of Ba’al Melqart, unlock the power of the rain god, and hear the deity’s voice. He’s been warned the licentious ceremony can take a dangerous turn, but as eldest son of the high priestess, he holds a privileged position. If he can make it through the ceremony, one day he’ll rise to high priest.

On the eve of the rituals, Aban’s mother confesses a dark secret about the bloody sacrifice demanded by Melqart. Aban may have escaped the flames, but if he is to save his brother, Aban must take his destined position of power as soon as possible.

When the mysterious prophet Elijah interrupts the rites, overturns the idol, and curses the land with drought, Aban’s world is shaken. The current high priest and the king appear powerless, but even more confusing is the fact that the rain god does nothing.

Against his better judgment, Aban conceals the strange prophet’s whereabouts, forfeiting the high priesthood. Now an enemy of the relentless Queen Jezebel, Aban has little time to question his fading commitment to Ba’al Melqart as he and his loved ones flee. But the conflict in Samaria is much larger than just a high priestess and her sons. Soon, Aban will have to choose a side in Yahweh’s war against the Ba’als—and it may cost him his life.


Digital Dreams and Other Distractions by Kerry Nietz

In this surreal landscape, dying legends haunt sheltered keeps, young boys reconstruct ancient giants, astronauts push the boundaries of the solar system, and metal nightmares reign over faraway rocks. Alluring and compelling, Digital Dreams is a multifaceted blend of mystery, imagination, and devotion—as thrilling as interstellar exploration, and as dangerous as another day at the office.














Sub Tales: Stories That Seldom Surface by Charles Hood and Frank Hood

Packed with 40 gripping stories from the annals of US submarine history, Sub Tales attempts to convey some of the drama, adventure, and humor that has typified service aboard the submarines of the US Navy over the past 100+ years. Included in this edition is a new completely new story about polar bear sightings by submarines, and a new description of an unlikely rescue at sea by the Seadragon! The 40 stories are accompanied by a bonus section that includes seven “submarine lists” that will be certain to entertain the reader. Stories vary in length from short to medium to long. You decide the reading order.









LOST BITS by Kerry Nietz

The last thing K-404 remembers is a happy home with the human child Ele, whose care is his primary purpose. So, when he wakes up in a landfill of tossed-away technology, his only thought is to reunite with his family.

This world is not his own, though. It’s a wasteland of desolate buildings, flying metal disks, and monstrosities that keep themselves active by stealing another bot’s power.

How did the world get this way?

And why was he discarded?

Hampered by imperfect memory, an obsolete body, and limited battery life, 404 sets out to find his home. Joined by other castaways, he faces off against scavengers and monsters, only to encounter greater threats.

Pursued, outsmarted, and manipulated on every side, 404 teeters on the brink of annihilation. His only chance of survival? Those bits of himself—the connections—he hasn’t lost.


Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement provides a solid, substantive foundation for nourishing the soul of the cop and replenishing his or her reservoir of idealism and spirituality. Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights, this is your one-stop practical guide to restoring inner peace and clarity. This book will show you how to:

  • Become emotionally and spiritually resilient
  • Understand what you truly need to heal your inner wounds
  • Find new meaning in the career
  • Rekindle your warrior spirit
  • Replace anger with peace, resentment with satisfaction

A “must-have” for all new and seasoned law enforcement officers!





Public safety professionals rely heavily on the love and safety found within in their homes. Theirs is an emotionally taxing job, requiring a great deal of support and encouragement from the ones who love them most. Their wellness has always been a priority, but what about their loved ones? They need just as much care and consideration as the first responders in their lives…maybe more. Using personal stories and a diverse array of peer-reviewed behavioral, psychological, and organizational research, the authors present an evidence-based model for building physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional, financial, spiritual, social, and professional capital. This same whole-life approach to wellness is also used in the first responders’ edition of Navigating Adversity. Now their loved ones can learn to master the tools proven to build resilience on the home front, while helping our public safety professionals serve the community.


WHAT IS KOSHER? by Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez 

The term “kashrut” refers to the Jewish religious dietary laws derived from the Torah. The term “kashrut” is derived from the Hebrew word “kasher” meaning “fit” or “acceptable”. From the word “kasher”, we derive the word “kosher” in its anglicized form. But before we discuss what kosher is, let’s discuss some ideas as to “why” kosher exists.

Why, after all, would a religious faith be concerned about what people eat? This audiobook answers these questions and provides the student or curious individual with the basics of what kosher is and why it is observed by religious Jews around the world.


RACE: A NOVEL by Nicole Petrino-Salter was released April 4th. 

Race is a window into death and life investigated by a detective who has his own choice to make between heaven and hell.  

Roman Diego, a thoroughbred assistant trainer, is found dead in his tack room at the Rainier Meadows Racetrack. Is the confused, barely covered young woman who had awakened next to the dead man a killer?  

As Detective David James investigates the death of Roman Diego, a syringe containing a mystery liquid is discovered. The mystery deepens as the list of suspects gets longer. Who would want to kill Roman Diego, one of the “good guys”?  

In this raw, romantic, and redemptive novel, David James searches for a common denominator between the suspects and the victim as the motive becomes harder to ignore.  


POOPIE SUITS & COWBOY BOOTS is my foray into the biographical world. I worked on this one all summer, and it was a joy to read. 

Poopie Suits  Cowboy Boots: Tales of a Submarine Officer During the Height of the Cold War, now in its fifth edition since 2017, has earned a popular place in modern submarine literature for its engaging style and pacing. Set in the throes of the Cold War during the Nixon administration, the story follows the journey of Frank Hood through training and eventual deployment as a junior officer aboard a fast-attack submarine (USS Seahorse [SSN-669]) based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

The final product is our best effort yet in telling Frank’s compelling coming-of-age story during the contentious 1960s. While biographical in form, Frank’s story serves as a scaffolding of sorts to allow detailed side explorations of the basics of US submarine history; fundamental submarine systems such as sonar, propulsion, diving, weapons, and periscope functions; the intense training and repetition required to gain qualification in submarines; and the colorful traditions of the US Navy.

The book is replete with dozens of funny stories as well. It’s an enjoyable story that not only informs the reader of all things submarine-related, but also includes a number of cultural references that made life during that turbulent period both difficult and memorable.



DiMercurio has returned!  After a decade of silence, he’s back with DARK TRANSIT. I loved narrating this book and it’s a solid 20+ hours of listening. High tech plot with great characters. Best danged submarine book I’ve read in 20 years! Publishers Weekly also loves it and gave it a starred review: that’s a big deal.


You’ve all heard me babble (or write) about my teaching/mentoring gig in First Responder wellness. Well, this is the audio book for the course, and I narrate it!  Great gift for the stressed people you know. It’s aimed at First Responders, but works for nurses, teachers, and people under stress of any kind. NAVIGATING ADVERSITY is available now!


David Wilson and Crossroad Press honored me with a book by Irving Wallace. The Square Pegs is a story of eccentrics in American History. It’s a delightful read and I know you’ll enjoy these stories of largely unknown, but influential, weirdos. (I started seeing them crop up in popular culture items after reading the book!)


My dear friend, Anthony Horvath, has written a delightful book about an alternate plain that only the Wardens, and a very few others, can access. I was allowed the privilege of narrating it. I think it’s a masterpiece – and my narration was so much fun to do that it can’t help but come through in the final product. The Warden-Watch: The Annals of Myrtle and the Blood King, Book 1 is available now on Audible.


Some people like flash fiction and short stories. This one’s a doozy. All inspired by the pandemic, The COVID Quarantine Cantina has almost every genre of fiction. The gamut is run from Amish to Science Fiction. 


Let’s start with NICHOLAS OF HAITI by Joseph Courtemanche.

ASSAULT ON SAINT AGNES by Joseph Courtemanche

THREAT VECTOR by Michael DiMercurio

Threat Vector

ATTACK OF THE SEAWOLF by Michael DiMercurio

PHOENIX SUB ZERO by Michael DiMercurio

Phoenix Sub Zero is available in audio book at long last. Without a doubt, my best narration yet. Fun read, great author.


PIRANHA FIRING POINT by Michael DiMercurio




EMERGENCY DEEP is now available in audio format