“…the narrator has a voice like butter churned in heaven.”

Bryan Parent

The library is growing every few months, and as the days go by they get better with practice!


POOPIE SUITS & COWBOY BOOTS is my foray into the biographical world. I worked on this one all summer, and it was a joy to read. 

Poopie Suits  Cowboy Boots: Tales of a Submarine Officer During the Height of the Cold War, now in its fifth edition since 2017, has earned a popular place in modern submarine literature for its engaging style and pacing. Set in the throes of the Cold War during the Nixon administration, the story follows the journey of Frank Hood through training and eventual deployment as a junior officer aboard a fast-attack submarine (USS Seahorse [SSN-669]) based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

The final product is our best effort yet in telling Frank’s compelling coming-of-age story during the contentious 1960s. While biographical in form, Frank’s story serves as a scaffolding of sorts to allow detailed side explorations of the basics of US submarine history; fundamental submarine systems such as sonar, propulsion, diving, weapons, and periscope functions; the intense training and repetition required to gain qualification in submarines; and the colorful traditions of the US Navy.

The book is replete with dozens of funny stories as well. It’s an enjoyable story that not only informs the reader of all things submarine-related, but also includes a number of cultural references that made life during that turbulent period both difficult and memorable.



DiMercurio has returned!  After a decade of silence, he’s back with DARK TRANSIT. I loved narrating this book and it’s a solid 20+ hours of listening. High tech plot with great characters. Best danged submarine book I’ve read in 20 years! Publishers Weekly also loves it and gave it a starred review: that’s a big deal.


You’ve all heard me babble (or write) about my teaching/mentoring gig in First Responder wellness. Well, this is the audio book for the course, and I narrate it!  Great gift for the stressed people you know. It’s aimed at First Responders, but works for nurses, teachers, and people under stress of any kind. NAVIGATING ADVERSITY is available now!


David Wilson and Crossroad Press honored me with a book by Irving Wallace. The Square Pegs is a story of eccentrics in American History. It’s a delightful read and I know you’ll enjoy these stories of largely unknown, but influential, weirdos. (I started seeing them crop up in popular culture items after reading the book!)


My dear friend, Anthony Horvath, has written a delightful book about an alternate plain that only the Wardens, and a very few others, can access. I was allowed the privilege of narrating it. I think it’s a masterpiece – and my narration was so much fun to do that it can’t help but come through in the final product. The Warden-Watch: The Annals of Myrtle and the Blood King, Book 1 is available now on Audible.


Some people like flash fiction and short stories. This one’s a doozy. All inspired by the pandemic, The COVID Quarantine Cantina has almost every genre of fiction. The gamut is run from Amish to Science Fiction. 


Let’s start with NICHOLAS OF HAITI by Joseph Courtemanche.

ASSAULT ON SAINT AGNES by Joseph Courtemanche

THREAT VECTOR by Michael DiMercurio

Threat Vector

ATTACK OF THE SEAWOLF by Michael DiMercurio

PHOENIX SUB ZERO by Michael DiMercurio

Phoenix Sub Zero is available in audio book at long last. Without a doubt, my best narration yet. Fun read, great author.


PIRANHA FIRING POINT by Michael DiMercurio




EMERGENCY DEEP is now available in audio format