Light Blogging Week

Mainly because I feel like something a swamp buggy dragged out of the canal.

I doubt it’s “The Rona” but when you’re an asthmatic idiot who overworks his muscles training for a race, the cough and muscle aches sure seem like the symptoms. No fever, mint cookies still taste like mint, and my good looks are undiminished. Well, maybe I’m a bit delusional…

As to words having meanings, and meanings having impact, I’d like you all to look up the word “Insurrection” for next week’s blog. To steal a line from a popular movie of the last generation, “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”


Now I must return to the things I must do for work. Yes, even the most deadly virus ever discovered in my lifetime… well, a few achy muscles and a cough can’t keep me from the stuff that needs to be done today.


Next week!

Time For The Annual Pep-Talk

Most bloggers start out the year with an upbeat post about goals to hold to in the new year. Of course, I’m an outcast, so you get what you get.

First: why can’t Christian movies hire a sound engineer who notices that “Crap, Libby’s microphone didn’t work for the first twenty scenes. We need to get her in the booth and loop it!” Or, more likely, “David, I just watched the rough cut. You play that awful background track your nephew recorded at volume 8, and the actors dialogue at 3. Fix it. Nobody except a lip reader can make out what’s going on. Except that a Theremin doesn’t fit and we must have gotten it cheap.”

Second: Aside from the fact that a great number of wannabe dictators still rule in a few states, last year was a great one for me personally. Well, a bit rocky with my wife almost croaking from a gangrenous gallbladder following a joint replacement surgery. And there being rattlesnakes in my back yard… 

Seriously, it was a good year, we escaped a dark, cold place to a warm free one. My side gigs mentoring and recording were blessed with great success, and I can honestly say I made a difference in the world. And that alligator at the intersection of Oil Well Grade Road and 70th street didn’t eat me. (He’s huge. I figure about 10 rounds of 9mm huge. Let’s not find out.)

The coming year has a full schedule intellectually, writing and recording are booked solid for the entire 12 months to come. I finished 2021 with a couple of very nice volunteer Santa events. The best kind. I hope to do more this coming year.

Maybe that’s the point of the blog today: the small victories in 2021 were actually huge victories. Nobody that really knows me thinks I speak Spanish beyond a 2 year old’s level Seriously, I understand way better than I speak. And yet, because God needed me to pull it off, I did my best while working with a largely Spanish speaking clientele to meet their needs. I was amazed that all the training I had on piecing together what I knew with what probably was said (Thank you, Naval Security Group and Mike Burress for that training) allowed me to be of comfort to some very stressed out people. I was able to comfort people in their language. IF that didn’t come directly from God guiding my brain and tongue I know nothing about miracles. I am thankful for that opportunity to serve. 

2022 will be a year of increased service. And fence building (I have 3 acres to enclose and one post-hole digger) for the good of everyone. 

I’ll try to keep you all apprised. It is a pleasure to know people read this blog and enjoy it. 

A blessed 2022 to all of you.




Ghislaine Maxwell’s Little Black Book Must Be Released And The People In It Investigated

The American justice system has devolved into two tiers over the years. It has always persecuted the poor and ignorant. That’s a simple statement of fact (I know, shocking coming from a conservative former cop, eh?) The past few years, however, have driven down the road of political prosecutions on a massive scale. 

If you’re a white cop who screws up, you’re going to prison. If you’re a white pedophile with a big bag of money and fame, you’re getting a sealed document in court and a pass on human trafficking. If you’re a black kid who makes an honest mistake of some sort, you’re getting a criminal record to be sure. If you grope a bartender at a resort and force yourself on him as a wealthy black television personality, it’s all just fun and games.

The system is not rigged against black people except that most do not have great wealth and power. It is not rigged in favor of white people except when they have wealth and power. 

The sealing of documents in the Maxwell trial is an abomination. The press releases tidbits in a slow drip, making sure that all ends of the political spectrum are indicted by smear. This way they can always say they were balanced, and refuse to actually investigate the story.

What do I want? I want that damned book published. I want prosecutors to send the people who raped kids, forced teens into sexual slavery, and subverted justice to go to prison for decades. Many decades. Let the cards fall where they may, if you were involved in this pedophiliac orgy of human misery, you go to prison and never again see the light of day. All your money is good for at that point is getting better commissary in the prison where you are serving time. 

Being rich and powerful does not make you less guilty. In fact, it should probably make you more guilty since you had the ability to know what you were doing in a way that a stupid kid doesn’t understand at age 18 when she has sex with her 16 year old boyfriend. Both are rape in the eyes of the law, but circumstances…

Time for us to blow the lid off the justice system. Time for people who commit these types of crimes to do time. Time for a revision of our trial system to allow overturning clearly unfair/political verdicts without having to prove things in the very narrow window now allowed for such action.

Everyone is equal before the law in theory. Time to make it so in practice.


The Gospel of Luke tells the whole story of the Christ. It is done in 24 chapters. Consequently, every day in December I will be posting a new chapter of Luke until we get to Christmas. It is my hope that you share this with your friends, church, family and social media. 

It is also my hope that you will not take me as crass for listing my two newest audio books for sale below the Luke video. This is how I make my living, and if you like the way I read Luke, I suspect you’ll like the way I read these two fantastic books. The first is fiction by a best-selling author who stepped away for 10 years. He must have been perfecting his craft for this book is excellent. The second book is an auto-biography of a young submarine officer in the late sixties. I identified with this one as well, for I spent more than a minute of my life on the 637 class submarines doing my job as a spook. 

Now, for the Gospel of Luke (and a Merry Christmas to you all):