What Are You Studying This Week?

In teaching resilience to our students, we talk about growth being a beneficial thing for their well-being. Whether they are working on a skill related to being a First Responder, setting up skills for their second/third/final career, or just learning something cool, it’s all a plus for them.

This week I’m studying Spiritual Survival For Law Enforcement. I know the author, and he’s amazing. So is the book. I was familiar with the concepts in the book, but reading the source material is pretty cool.



I’m also studying making moonshine. I’m not making moonshine, but I am fascinated with the technical aspects of it, and how each moonshiner sets up a unique rig, blends the mash, cooking procedures, and what they keep of the run. It’s actually high-science and engineering on the top end, and just fun liquor on the whole spectrum. I love it.

I’m  working on my Arabic by trying to watch more videos and listen to more recordings in the language. My love of Israeli television grows all the time. Some of the stuff coming out of Arab nations is good, but the Israelis provide excellent bilingual (Arabic/Hebrew) shows that I love watching.

Did I mention that I spend a couple of hours a week reading up on new technology?

I’m often doing two of the above at the same time. I reserve exclusive time for Bible Study on Wednesday. I’m so far into the questionable areas of study that God gets that time all to Himself.

I know a couple of other people who are like me in this regard, with subjects as diverse as knitting, Alpaca farming, photography, you name it. Each of them is fun to talk to, and they have a healthy approach to life to boot.

I hope this week you’re starting something in your growth that expands your knowledge base. If you’re lacking in ideas, leave a comment: my wife will gladly give you a couple of mine.

I Have Other Neighbors.

As I may have mentioned (beat the horse to death) I live in the free state of Florida. Now, for those of you still living in a blue-state hell, this means that at least 2/3 of the gates to people’s driveways have a sign that says, “BDLP Security (Barking Dog, Loud Pistol)” or “We don’t dial 911” or, perhaps, “The dog runs the 100 in 3.5 and the Smith & Wesson is faster, so I hope you’re really fast…”  Yes, these are people who really want to be left alone. 

Who are they?  They’re typical Americans of the old school. They are patriots, and want their rights respected. They don’t take kindly to thieves, or for that matter Federal Agents. I suspect the door-to-door vaccine canvas will skip these neighborhoods. Oh, and they’re all over the southern part of the country. 

My neighbors are a mix of school teachers, plumbers, electricians, cops, truck drivers, fire fighters, retired, and professional types in suit and tie offices. They come in all sorts of colors and backgrounds, and I don’t think anyone at all cares if they’re gay, straight, or have a thing for goats – as long is they keep it to their own goats. The point is they are a pretty good cross section of working America. 

Well, why am I talking about this?  Last Saturday we got a call from a neighbor I’d never met inviting us over for a barbecue. Cool! 

An hour later we met our neighbor across the street as she headed to the barbecue with the neighbor across the intersection. First new person. A few minutes later we met the host. 

Now, it’s important to remember that nobody really grew up here in the main. Yes, there are natives, but the majority of the population out in my area is refugees from Cuba and New York. And our host was a New Yorker from Queens. 

Italian as well. Man, are there a lot of Italians in this area, and not just because it’s called Naples. For the next three hours we ate chicken, Mozarella, salami, lemon bars, and margaritas. The food was great, the talk was good, and the chance to meet some new people was super. 

This morning, after not meeting these people over the last 5 months, I ran into two of them while out walking Chewy. The world gets a lot smaller when you get out in it and extend yourself.

I love this place. It’s hot as hell today, and humid. The media is telling everyone to stay inside and drink water. I’m on the lanai (expensive word for screened porch) working on the laptop and sweating. It feels great, and is what I always wanted to do for a living.

Yup. This is the life. I’m truly blessed.

It’s Always Something Around This Joint

Boy, is that true. I never dreamed that retirement would be so busy.

Right now, I’m writing this blog, doing qc work on a course I’m teaching, and getting ready to write a blog for that course. And, once that’s done, I’ll be editing the written manuscript and audio book for DiMercurio’s new novel.

Yeah. That’s in the wake of Chewy and I doing a couple of miles this morning.

The best part is that I get to sequence the events and do it as I see fit. That’s the goal of retirement. I pretty much could just chuck it but for 3 hours a day and still meet my goals. That’s the cool part. 

The other part is making sure you don’t just turn into an alcoholic turnip on your couch, nursing that bottle of Canadian Club until Wheel of Fortune comes on after the frozen dinner at six.

I’ve seen too many people live that life. It’s no life. I’ve been blessed with a lot of things to do in my retirement, and it’s a joy. If only I could get Chewy to quit his heavy breathing the minute I turn the microphone on. I have to kick him out of the room to get that done. I like that dog. Tradeoffs.


So far Kip is tolerating me well. We’re going out a couple of times a week to check out the neighborhood/region, and have found some good places to eat. We’re only tethered here occasionally, and once the solar panels are in this week, we’re even more free to roam.

All that hard work for years paid off. 

Ah. Now, for a cup of coffee while I start that work blog.

Have a great week, and be blessed.