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Another great one, this time back to the category of Police Officer Mental Health. I’m proud to announce Mental Health Fight Of The Heroes In Blue: How To Mentally Survive Working as a Police Officer  by Scott Medlin

Once a job of serving their community by providing safety, police officers could rest relatively easy knowing their efforts were worth the sacrifice. However, over the past decade, the trade-offs between the rewards and risks of policing have increasingly sloped toward the latter. Today, officers are routinely being confronted with more pressure and scrutiny because of unfortunate bad actions by a few of their own. Then they still encounter constant threats of danger, and continued exposure to the darkest corners of society. It is no surprise that policing remains one of the most stressful occupations on the planet – stress that dramatically increases suicide risk among this population. There currently exists very little avenues police can turn towards for help with such a unique problem. This is detrimental because of not only the suicide risk, but it affects an officer’s capability of being the upstanding hero the citizens want.

This book was written by a police officer who, speaking from personal experience, and sourcing the help of trusted experts, walks anyone through the steps law enforcement officers can take to be shielded from having mental breakdowns and God forbid, become a suicide statistic.

Within this resource are five key methodologies proven to increase mental clarity as a police officer:

1. Acknowledging and counteracting the “warrior socialization” of police officers. You’re not a tough person – you’re a person.

2. Realizing the truth about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to overcome it.

3. Uncovering the secret system of your mind that can make or break your mental health as a police officer.

4. Unraveling and addressing the numerous and often surprising contributors to on-the-job stress.

5. Introducing habits and strategies for developing the strongest defense against the traumas and other stressors involved with policing.

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