The Orbital Mechanics Of Imprisonment.

I think about a lot of random stuff. Writer’s curse. One topic that has always fascinated me is space flight. Specifically, the Apollo missions to the moon. How does that relate to winding up in prison? Read on for a … Continue reading

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Treatment Program (For Canning?)

My wife has made discreet inquiries about getting me some help with my problem. I’m pretty sure there’s no 12 step meeting for people who make jam. I really can’t imagine “Hi, I’m Joe, and I have a problem with … Continue reading

Please Pray For Santa.

Not me. I’m doing remarkably well in spite of a bad migraine the last two days. Nope, I need you to pray for Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget … Continue reading