A Rather Large Bucket Of Lemonade

I’m quite sure all of you have heard the expression “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It’s trite, and usually just the opposite of what we do with the bitter taste of defeat, the acid of anger, or the … Continue reading

When Your Customers Call And Are Already Mad, You Have A Problem.

I have a friend who’s worked in customer service positions for many years, and he speaks with a bit of authority. Same goes for beer drinking, and barbecue, but today we’ll stick to being the poor sap who gets the … Continue reading

The Point Is – Well, The Point Is To Be A Decent Human.

Because it wouldn’t be fair, I’m not going to name names or topics for the purposes of today’s blog. What I will say, and say it loudly, is that we’re all pretty reprehensible on occasion. Every one of us has … Continue reading