Sometimes No Means They Love You

This blog has all sorts of friends. Some are readers, some are real world friends, and some are virtual friends I’ve made over the years.

Some of these friends have demons. The kind of demons that hurt. Loneliness, disease, divorce, addiction, anger, poverty. If you’re out there, you’re either suffering from one of them or you have friends and relatives that are in the midst of them.

A dear friend recently had to put some distance into a toxic relationship. I know from talking to them about it that it hurt them to be forced into that corner.

But it made me acutely aware of something we dismiss: sometimes no means “I love you.”

No means you can’t ignore your health problems and continue to live with any quality.
No means that you’re broken spiritually and need to change your ways to survive.
No means I’m not going to enable you to hurt yourself, and me.
No means that all of your circle are concerned, and you’ve rebuffed them without listening.

But no means, most of all, that you are still loved. It means that your friend is hoping you hear them this time and get some help.
No means that you are not alone unless you choose that path.
No means that a crisis is at hand, and they’d rather see you control your blood pressure instead of visiting you after the stroke.

That’s what no means: I love you.

Hard message to hear. Harder still to give.

I love you. Great words and the ones that He spoke to us all.

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