Three Greats On My Mind Today.

I can tell you where I was when Elvis died. James Brown – not sure, but remember being sad. Now Aretha Franklin. Never got to see any of them in person, but all three provide the soundtrack to a big part of my life. Two of the three had amazing Gospel careers. James Brown was… not a gospel singer. Man, was he ever not.

But I digress. Right now God’s got the band warming up with Elvis and Aretha doing duets later for the next 1000 years. Just a short time up there.

I just wanted to share three videos from them. Because it made me feel good.

In order of their deaths, I present Elvis, James, and Aretha.

First up, Elvis Presley with Suspicious Minds. At 2100 in Rota, Spain about 1987 we’d hear this every night from the apartment on the top floor. It wasn’t really bedtime until we’d heard Elvis.

Around that same time, James Brown was in part II of his career. He’d come roaring back with Living In America from one of the Rocky movies. I love this more than I can tell you.

Last, but by no means least, Lady Soul. Aretha had been part of my music word since I was a little kid. But she not only stole the show with this vocal performance – she outdanced everyone in the flick while wearing pink slippers. RESPECT is one of the best songs of all time. I will greatly miss her.

I hope this made you all smile. I know it made me grin.

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