Three Decades Of Putting Up With Joe Courtemanche. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

That picture is a few years old. We were in Haiti on a missions trip with Healing Haiti. It was, by far, our best anniversary by any measure. Serving God, warm weather, years of spiritual growth together. And, a pretty … Continue reading

You Never Know Who’ll You’ll Meet When You Look Into The Shadows On Memorial Day.

Today’s post is fiction. But it’s so close to my heart that I’m a bit broken by it all. But first, Hand Salute. Ready, To. Thank you to all who gave their lives that I might sit here and write … Continue reading

Act of Valor

Go see Act of Valor today. We went yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before I go any further, I need to insert a disclaimer:  I was never a SEAL.  I never went to BUDS, I never had a trident … Continue reading