Book Review: Beyond The Steel Wall: A Tale Of Discovery – By Robert Cely

Today I review a book. Have I mentioned that my book Assault on Saint Agnes is on sale for $.99?

Today I review a book. This time I stick to the topic: Robert Cely’s work Beyond the Steel Wall: A Tale of Discovery.

As is usually the case, I have cut and pasted the Amazon review into the blog and called it a day’s work. Eh. It’s been busy. But I also just finished the book today and have that going for me.


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Love that beard...

Love that beard…

I hate reviewing books like this. I have to make sure I have the definition of metaphor, allegory, and all that stuff right. Then I blow it in the review. Never fails.

Mr. Cely manages to pull you out of the world you live in and thrust you into the one he’s created rather seamlessly. If you’re like a lot of readers, you toss down a book if you find a typo or two. Don’t do that with this one. Yes, there are more typos and glitches in the first 30 pages than all the rest of the book combined. I don’t know if that’s just the press run I got, or if all of them suffer that flaw. But if you don’t twitch, and instead enjoy the story, you’re in for a great ride.

Like journey tales? Like characters on a quest? Like trying to figure out the allusions? (See what I did there?) Beyond the Steel Wall has all of that stuff, as well as engaging characters. Moreover, it is evidently the first in a possible series.

Now, that can be good or bad. Depends on how you like the first book. I liked this enough to buy the next one as well. Good storytelling, nice approach to the subject matter, and no “Jesus Hammer” anywhere in sight. An exception in the genre as it stands today.

A great read if you’re in the mood for a quick, thinking man’s work. Or woman’s. But I’m not a woman so I can only speculate.

Go grab a copy.

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