The Dog Who Never Talked.

  If you read this blog via email, stop right now and go to the blog on the website. There’s a lot of photos and video, and you won’t get the full impact unless you can see the visuals. Thanks.  … Continue reading

Wondering How I’m Doing? Didn’t Think So.

Periodically I figure I should give you some updates on how my life is going. Then I remember that’s pretty much all this blog is, and my sense of vanity diminishes just a bit. Nonetheless, there are a few things … Continue reading

Prozac Princess. The Story Of Love’s Limits In Canine Anxiety.

Some of you know the story of my dog Stormy, some of you don’t. Today’s post is about her background and how it’s impacted her life with us over the last three years. It’s also about what is in store, … Continue reading

Stormy Versus Reality, Round 4,573,392

One of us is nuts. Most people will vote for me being crazier than the sheepdog, but I beg to differ. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe (the box is on … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Stormy!

Two years ago a very shy, frightened, Shetland Sheepdog named Stormy came to live with us in Saint Paul. That has changed. This is an image from an hour or two ago, when we had our “morning snuggle.” Please follow … Continue reading