Prozac Princess. The Story Of Love’s Limits In Canine Anxiety.

Some of you know the story of my dog Stormy, some of you don’t. Today’s post is about her background and how it’s impacted her life with us over the last three years. It’s also about what is in store, … Continue reading

That Cold Shower Was Bracing…

The final days of getting ready to launch your book are like a marathon. A marathon obstacle course. With extra potholes. And sheep on the course. Rams, in specific – the ones with horns. That’s the last two weeks. Please … Continue reading

One Week And Counting.

Somewhere along the line a person who couldn’t write a book if their life depended on it said, “You just tell a story, write it down, and sell it for a lot of money. How hard could that be?” Heh. … Continue reading

The House Next Door: A Metaphor For The United States If We Don’t Wake Up.

Twenty years ago (give or take) I moved into the first house I’ve called “ours” (my wife has an equal share). Our next door neighbor was a great fellow, also named Joe. A better neighbor you would not find. This … Continue reading