Prozac Princess. The Story Of Love’s Limits In Canine Anxiety.

Some of you know the story of my dog Stormy, some of you don’t. Today’s post is about her background and how it’s impacted her life with us over the last three years. It’s also about what is in store, … Continue reading

I May Be Black. Then Again, Korean Isn’t Out Of The Question. Is Jewish A Race? Maybe That As Well.

It delights me to no end that we’ve finally hit the point in the idiocy that is liberalism where we can pick our own race, gender, and anything else in spite of reality. I was so tired of being just … Continue reading

There’s Folks Hurting And They Need Your Prayer.

I write from time to time about people struggling with different things in their lives. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes medical, sometimes emotional, and often spiritual. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe … Continue reading

Education Time: CHP Beating Video Reveals Reasonable Force Likely Used On Grandmother.

I love the sound of heads exploding, and I’m sure that headline did it for more than a few hundred of my readers. Now, if you’d like to see this video from another side, stick around for a few minutes … Continue reading

Mental Illness Is Not A Crime.

On Monday an evil man shot twelve people to death. Oooh, too harsh? How can I judge him? What gives me the right to call him evil? I base that appellation on the fact that murder is evil. I can … Continue reading