There’s Folks Hurting And They Need Your Prayer.

I write from time to time about people struggling with different things in their lives. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes medical, sometimes emotional, and often spiritual. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe … Continue reading

Weird Al Isn’t The Only One With Grammar Issues.

So, a few weeks ago I started a new book. Writing one. Not reading one. I am now obsessing about my lousy spelling, poor punctuation, and bad grammar. It’s not totally paralyzing, but it’s close on occasion. Like looking back … Continue reading

That noise was my head exploding.

This is not a cry for sympathy for yours truly. But I really want to write about my migraine on Sunday. ┬áIn the 52 years I’ve darkened people’s doorways on this planet I’ve never had anything like that before. It … Continue reading