There’s Folks Hurting And They Need Your Prayer.

I write from time to time about people struggling with different things in their lives. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes medical, sometimes emotional, and often spiritual.

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Today’s post is a prayer request for a few people, a link or two, and some suggestions. Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

First, please pray for my lovely friend Rajdeep Paulus and her Husband. Go read the blog at this link. That could be any of us on any day of our lives. I love reading about love.

I’m also asking for prayer for my friend Mary Kay and her beloved Dell. Dell is in a treatment facility to recover from a serious respiratory episode. He’s got bleeding issues and if ever you were going to whip out the Holy Spirit and pray hard, this is the time to do the work.

My friend John has a young son who’s been behind in development. Turns out it was a very scary brain tumor. He’s doing much better, but if you’d pray for the young fellow it will help him heal. Pray for John and his wife as well, and throw in the brother who stands to the side and encourages. All of them need you today.

Pray for Bruce who has shattering headaches and injuries from a motorcycle accident a few years ago. He’s in constant pain and needs that blessing.

While we’re talking about motorcycle accidents, pray for my friend Eric who almost died in a crash a few weeks back. I’m very worried about him, because even though he’s out of intensive care he got a mani-peddi yesterday. His man card is in jeopardy.

Please pray for my friend Vicki’s son. He had major surgery on his noggin this week to remove a fast growing tumor that was destroying his hearing.

Pray for those people you know with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, PTSD, and other ailments of the spirit. Pray for their families as well. This man rather elegantly tells his tale about having a mentally ill spouse. There is so much love in the article that you don’t know whether to cry for joy or sadness.

This story about art therapy for wounded warriors moved me so much that I had to walk away for a bit. All of it touches each of our lives at some point. None of us are immune.

Pray for me. I will pray for all of you.

Many thanks.
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