Brass Tack Time.

Today’s blog will be fairly brief. I’m busy mourning the end of Western Civilization today. It seems that not only am I a racist (even though Islam is not a race) but a bigot. Ironic that that is a French word, no?

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The key to this argument is that I’m neither. Bigotry is based on a lack of rational thought. Sorry, kids, but I actually studied this subject for a little while (33 years) before I wrote last Friday’s blog. You may not like what I say, but the truth sometimes stings.

Let me quickly lose the last of my reading audience with the statements that follow. I’ve noticed over the years that the more right (in every sense of that word) that I am, the more readers I lose for a time. But the total readership continues to grow. Abortion is a great topic on that score, but today’s might be even better. Let us begin.

Jesus’ parable about the good Samaritan does not apply here, nor does the part of the Gospel that talks about feeding the hungry, visiting prisoners, and clothing the naked. If, indeed, all of the people streaming out of the Middle East were true refugees, it would. But it’s an invasion of Islamists bent on spreading the Caliphate with a few straggling oppressed people thrown in for good publicity photos. If we’re getting some new neighbors, how about we start with the Yazidis, the Syrian and Iraqi Christians, Kurds, the Coptic Christians, and the Druze. Crazy talk, I know. Back to being a bigot. But if we’re letting in people with no vetting, that might be the place to start.

Vetting. Seriously, what has this administration gotten right about that area of the world in the last seven years? It is, for all practical purposes, impossible to vet anyone from Syria. Closed society, dictator, secret police, no papers, no cooperation, etc. Perchance we could set up camps for them Syria and protect the camps? Nice houses, not tents. Water. The whole deal. Then they can go back home when the whole thing is sorted out.

Oops. That one above is laughable. It will never end. But even worse, most of the “immigrant/refugee” types are economic refugees and invaders. Very few that would truly fit into the cultures where they are heading. Sorry, but until we have some vague idea of who they are, the house next door isn’t a great option. Unless you’d like to have them next to you? I’ll even spot you the towels and dishware if you let them move in with you. Deal?

Anne Frank was denied asylum and we all know how wrong that was. Okay. I’ll let that one pass the smell test. We should never have let the Nazis invade Holland. Agreed. We should have never let Hitler have his Sudetenland. Munich was a total flop. But her father asked for asylum after the invasion. Bad news, the Nazis were not letting anyone out without ransom.

The United States, by the by, wasn’t letting much of anyone from 1924 until 1965. So it wasn’t just Ann Frank. The point is, her family would have been a great addition to the United States. I’d say the same about any of the Syrian refugees who are genuinely being persecuted at home and want to come here and join Team U.S.A. My fear (back to bigotry) is that we aren’t going to be able to sort them out. How many terrorists is too many to let slip in with the rest?

I must be a hater because I fear for the culture and safety of my homeland. Okay.

This isn’t going to be settled on a blog. What I would like is for my fellow Americans, especially Christians, to think about what we’re doing before we do it. I give as my example the Mariel Boatlift of 1980. Most of the same arguments were made then, and for many of the same reasons. We’re still cleaning up from that fiasco. Is it too much to ask that we get to pick who comes to this country? I’m all in favor of refugees. Really. But let’s at least try to admit people to this country who aren’t planning on blowing up the Mall of America to celebrate their third month in the country.

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