My Love Letter To Amy Matayo

That title will probably garner me some dirty looks from a few readers, but worry not: I’m still faithful to my wife. But my wife didn’t write The End of the World. Amy Matayo did. And I’m in love with … Continue reading

Unfair Web Reviews Are A Form Of Extortion

Have you ever had someone spread vicious rumors about you? Probably. Have you ever seen anything printed in the local paper that defames you? Probably not the latter, but you can get away with it on the internet with no … Continue reading

I Am So Bored With The Whiners In The Media

I’ll just leap out here and say it: Who cares? Does the media really have nothing better to talk about than an old dude with a basketball team who has attitudes dating back to when he was born? Is this … Continue reading

Take A Deep Breath And Read The Whole Post.

Today’s post will be full of unpleasant truths and things that many don’t want to hear. But I promise that it will be worth your time to read it in its entirety. I promise to do an ABBA video or … Continue reading

What is bravery?

People have told me, on occasion, that I’m brave or that I was brave at some time in my past. I guess I was when I think about it, but I know what really is brave when I see it. … Continue reading