Woot! W00t! W0oT! 2 Million Visits To This Blog.

It appears that there are a substantial number of discerning readers out there who visit this site on a regular basis. Or, a lot of robots and web spiders that index the page hundreds of times a day. I’m leaning … Continue reading

Rant #4,756

It’s been too long with out a good rant around here. Stand by to Stand by… You, the imbecile in the gray hoodie on the mountain bike tonight at 2215. The imbecile with the headphones, no light, no reflective vest, … Continue reading

There’s A Leadership Lesson In A Minty Shake.

I have lived in my current home for 20 years. That’s a lot of visits to McDonald’s and a lot of hamburgers for a fat guy. It could have been a lot more hamburgers except that the leadership at my … Continue reading