Rant #4,756

It’s been too long with out a good rant around here. Stand by to Stand by…

You, the imbecile in the gray hoodie on the mountain bike tonight at 2215. The imbecile with the headphones, no light, no reflective vest, no helmet, and no shot at survival. Did you realize that it was raining? Yeah. like for the last 24 hours. The look you gave me when I almost turned over you at the stoplight may have been better directed inward. You, sir, are an argument for the wonders of putting chlorine in the gene pool.

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God makes wonders. White Castle just happens to sell them at the drive-thru window. Behold the Chicken & Waffle Slider:

Chicken & Waffle Slider

Chicken & Waffle Slider

Tom Brady getting suspended by the NFL is not racist. I won’t even try to follow the argument that if he was black it would have been worse. Two words kind of end that argument: Ray Rice. Not everything is about race. I’m really disappointed that a man of the cloth I know thinks this is part of the great conspiracy to keep him down.

Haitian coffee and spiced peanut butter are the best ever. Don’t even try to argue that with me.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are both disgusting despoilers of the third world, particularly Haiti. They’ve enriched themselves to the nth degree while stealing from the Haitian people, among others. She’s never had to answer the questions I’ve wanted answered about Benghazi, and he’s a serial abuser of women. When’s the last time you heard anything about his visits to sex-slave island?

Bill O’Reilly is an absurd idiot. He has his moments, but they are decreasing in frequency. Except for Watters’ World segments.

Pamela Geller has every right in the world to hold a cartoon contest. Especially here. I refer you to the Constitution. Amendment #1. Which is supported by Amendment #2. This is why Bill O’Reilly is a twit. Read the thing, Bill. Like what she said or not, she can say it when she wants. (I like Pamela. I’ve corresponded with her in the past. Very engaging person. Also, she’s right about Sharia law creeping in to our society.)

Bags at supermarkets are getting too thin. I know they’re free, but now I have to double bag the plastic. When does the madness stop? Oh. They’re trying to ban them locally. Great. Extra food borne illness on the horizon from used tote bags.

The NFL took money from the military to salute the troops. I don’t know which organization I despise more in this case. The NFL for not disclosing this right away, or the government for doing it with my tax money. The NFL probably ought to refund all that cha-ching to a charity like the USO, or a disabled vet project (not Wounded Warrior, too many bad things there…) that will actually honor the troops because they deserve it, not because they got paid.

I love my church. A lot. Not a rant, more of a rave like the White Castle one above. Both good things.

Nobody has gone to jail yet, and way too many knuckle-headed vermin are still working at the VA in spite of the scandal. Dead veterans must not be quite as exciting as global warming. (Hey – global warming doesn’t exist! But dead people who served their country and were ignored are for real.. Don’t get it.)

End of rant for the day. Tune in soon for some really great book reviews. I promise.

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