Liar, Stupid, Or Brain Damaged: It’s Time To Pick Hillary’s Excuse.

For those of you planning on voting for Hillary based on her genitalia, this entire blog can be skipped. Probably forever. Since women are clearly (in your opinion) the superior sex in every possible way, my only question would be … Continue reading

Rant #4,756

It’s been too long with out a good rant around here. Stand by to Stand by… You, the imbecile in the gray hoodie on the mountain bike tonight at 2215. The imbecile with the headphones, no light, no reflective vest, … Continue reading

I knew I’d heard that line somewhere before.

When I heard the esteemed Hillary Rodham Clinton testify the other day I was sure I’d heard her speak that line before. I just couldn’t place it at the time. Well shiver me timbers, I found it. Skip to the … Continue reading