The stupid continues at a new pace.

I thought perhaps I’d seen the last really stupid thing to come out of New England for at least a week now that the second Jihadist is in the jug. I was wrong. The people at Williams-Sonoma have taken truly … Continue reading

It’s called Jihad – and it is a war that is unholy.

Even after 11 years of an “active” Jihad on my homeland I’m amazed at how absolutely, blindingly, appallingly stupid the media is in this country. I didn’t comment for the first few days after Boston because there was an outside … Continue reading

Wishing I was…

I’m wishing I was in Haiti right now with the people from Healing Haiti. With all the depraved evil in our country right now the thought of working the water truck, annointing the sick, caring for the orphans, and breaking … Continue reading